Tr3s Face delivers the humorous streams of thought you didn’t know you needed! Join me in this journey of personal growth and creative development.

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Tr3s Face delivers the random content you didn’t know you needed! This is more intimate than lifestyle blogging. You’ll get a deep look into my brain with all my life ponderings, fictions, and theories. There will be a constant stream of content that comes from my consciousness. When you spend as much time reflecting as me, there is bound to be some personal development. Let’s grow together through humor and personal experiences.

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There’s a side of you that people see when you’re in front of them, when you’re in back, and the innermost thoughts that you’re not even always aware of

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110 days on Duolingo

Today marks my 110th day in a row of completing lessons on Duolingo. Looking at this streak is like being on Snapchat and realizing how meaningless streaks are. Are you actually closer to the person you have a 600 day streak with? Or are they just sending you a photo of their ceiling every day? […]

how Halloween will look this year

With no sign of the pandemic slowing down, who knows what we can expect for Halloween. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because of the costumes, candy, festivities, and spookiness. Another disappointing thing about 2020 is that the year positioned so many holidays on the perfect day, yet so far we’re having to spend […]

don’t cut your own hair

This pandemic has left people wondering what to do with their hair. Some people have been rocking the Shaggy vibe given that they haven’t had a hair cut in months. Others have flocked to salons because they couldn’t take another bad hair day, even from home. If you’re willing to go back to the salon, […]