Tr3s Face delivers the humorous streams of thought you didn’t know you needed! Join me in this journey of personal growth and creative development.

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Tr3s Face delivers the random content you didn’t know you needed! This is more intimate than lifestyle blogging. You’ll get a deep look into my brain with all my life ponderings, fictions, and theories. There will be a constant stream of content that comes from my consciousness. When you spend as much time reflecting as me, there is bound to be some personal development. Let’s grow together through humor and personal experiences.

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There’s a side of you that people see when you’re in front of them, when you’re in back, and the innermost thoughts that you’re not even always aware of

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eenie meenie miney mo shopper

Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber made a song years ago talking about a girl being an “eenie meenie miney mo lover”(kinda catchy btw). But you could say that song is about me with regards to shopping. That’s right, I’m an eenie meenie miney mo shopper! Because with so many options for online shopping, how can […]

how salty are you

You know, I can’t help myself. Here comes another SpongeBob reference, specifically from the episode “No Weenies Allowed”…Somehow you’ve made it out of Weenie Hut Junior, and you’re at the door of the Salty Spittoon. Instead of being greeted with the normal, “Welcome to the Salty Spitoon. How tough are you?” you get “Welcome to […]

i have a problem

There is no doubt that our technology provides wonderful opportunities, but it should be used in moderation. I’ve heard some people say that young folks are addicted to their phones. Usually when they say this, though, they are referring to people who spend hours on end scrolling through their social media feed. Although social media […]