Tr3s Face delivers the humorous streams of thought you didn’t know you needed! Join me in this journey of personal growth and creative development.

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Tr3s Face delivers the random content you didn’t know you needed! This is more intimate than lifestyle blogging. You’ll get a deep look into my brain with all my life ponderings, fictions, and theories. There will be a constant stream of content that comes from my consciousness. When you spend as much time reflecting as me, there is bound to be some personal development. Let’s grow together through humor and personal experiences.

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There’s a side of you that people see when you’re in front of them, when you’re in back, and the innermost thoughts that you’re not even always aware of

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racing thoughts

When I saw Inside Out some years ago, I really enjoyed it. It was fun thinking about these personified emotions that have control over how you react to different situations. The truth is, I can’t even verbalize how I’m feeling half the time. My mom will ask me what’s wrong, and I’ll reply, “I don’t […]

waiting for inspiration

I believe one of the tough things about doing creative work is that at a certain point there is an expectation that content will always be produced. It’s easy to do at the start, even if you don’t have a big following because something sparked your interest and got you inspired. But what do you […]

where’s your Christmas spirit?

Have you found yourself a little less excited for Christmas this year? Usually people find it stressful doing their last minute shopping, but that might not even be your focus this year with the pandemic. There was a scene in Jingle All the Way where store workers were making fun of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character for […]