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waiting for inspiration

I believe one of the tough things about doing creative work is that at a certain point there is an expectation that content will always be produced. It’s easy to do at the start, even if you don’t have a big following because something sparked your interest and got you inspired. But what do you do when you have a deadline to produce content? You may feel best about your work that was inspired by something, but if you dig deep enough, you may end up surprising yourself.

You all haven’t heard from me lately, and that is because I haven’t been inspired recently…or maybe I haven’t felt motivated to write. I feel like there is a strong correlation between having an inspiration and feeling driven to bring that inspiration into fruition. I haven’t even stopped to consider what my New Year’s resolution could be, and we’re four days into 2021! I’ve been so caught up with other things in my life that my priorities have shifted. However, that doesn’t mean I should give up on Tr3s Face.

There was a time when I was working on a film project. The tough part was that the project was re-editing a previous one. Although there were plenty of changes I could make to the piece, no great ideas were popping into my head. However, with the deadline approaching I had to get to work. I made more edits than I probably would have if I had clearly laid out my ideas, but I explored so many different options with layering the sound and images that my piece was able to have more depth than if I went in thinking my inspirations were the best way to go. As a matter of fact, my professor said he loved what I did with my piece, and that came as a result of me taking control of my project rather than waiting for the right moment or idea.

Nike gets it right by saying “Just do it.” You could sit your whole lifetime waiting to be inspired, but you have to take a first step and see how your ideas can blossom. Something I really like to do to get ideas flowing is by creating a mind map. With just one idea, you can continue parsing out more possibilities. This is not a technique I always used because one time I had to pitch my final film project to the class and it wasn’t until I was about to head to class and saw some makeup sitting on my counter that I got an idea as to what pitch I could wing in front of the class. Despite this being quite last minute, observing your surroundings is a great place to start.

So why am I saying all this? I felt I owed it to you all to get on WordPress and post something. Right now, I am simply going for it. Because if I wait until I am inspired, you all may end up waiting for a while. In addition, it strengthens your creativity to flesh out the slightest of ideas that pop into your head. The inspiration you need for your creative work is already in you. Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to uncover the true potential of your work.

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You have spoken the thoughts of so many of us. Wait or not to wait…. Go for it. I have decided to just go for it. If it comes to me go for it and don’t second thoughts odd and abstract thoughts. Keep up the great work. I’m following!!

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Your comment is both inspiring and encouraging! I hope you do keep reaching towards new opportunities and don’t let yourself ideas get clouded with doubt. I’ll be looking forward to seeing you around on future posts ☺️

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