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racing thoughts

Guy on bike with surroundings a blur

When I saw Inside Out some years ago, I really enjoyed it. It was fun thinking about these personified emotions that have control over how you react to different situations. The truth is, I can’t even verbalize how I’m feeling half the time. My mom will ask me what’s wrong, and I’ll reply, “I don’t know.” Reflecting on emotions can be tough, so it might be better to start with the ideas that form emotions. If I were to take a look inside my head to see my thoughts, there are various ways I would imagine it.

Sometimes I picture my thoughts being out to get me. I can imagine one pulling up next to another in a racecar revving its engine:

“So you got some important information to put in Tay’s brain?”
“Yes, yes I do.”
“Well your idea couldn’t be more important than mine.”
“I beg to differ.”

Another thought pulls up in its flashy convertible.

“I bet I can beat you both to the finish line.”

And then the thoughts are off trying to compete for my attention, but the racecar is a nasty one and sabotages by crashing into both vehicles. Then there’s me left standing in the middle of a conversation saying, “Was I saying something?”

I guess another creative way of thinking about your thoughts is that you are the CEO of a big company and there are clients trying to get in to talk to you. Maybe the secretary bursts the young professional’s bubble by cancelling that thought’s appointment. It was going to be your big idea, but suddenly it’s just gone. Or maybe one of your thoughts is the lunatic that breaks past security and lets you make a fool of yourself in front of everyone you know.

Aside from the entertainment value, opening my brain to look at my thoughts would be pretty helpful. If I were able to map out all of my thoughts, I could start to gain an understanding for what triggers certain emotions. Also, I can never remember where I put my phone…There are the careless thoughts that pop into your head for 1/10th of a second and were never fully formed, but there are also the things you can’t stop thinking about. I hate when I have an awkward encounter with someone and I just keep replaying it in my head or when my brain keeps reminding me of a catchy song while I’m trying to concentrate. Those are the kinds of thoughts I wish could be deleted or get their appointment cancelled.

It can be a challenge to keep your brain organized or maybe for it to even shut off at night. I guess that’s where meditation comes in…You really have to work hard to try and clear your mind to relax. Meditation is not something that I can say I am a fan of because I get caught up thinking about all the things I could be doing at that time, but maybe that should be my New Year’s resolution. I definitely don’t want to be that person that always interrupts people just so I can say what is on my mind. Therefore, I am a fan of running to find the nearest device to jot down my ideas. However, sometimes those few seconds of looking for a pen are not even enough, and then suddenly the thought is gone.😅

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