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i have a problem

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There is no doubt that our technology provides wonderful opportunities, but it should be used in moderation. I’ve heard some people say that young folks are addicted to their phones. Usually when they say this, though, they are referring to people who spend hours on end scrolling through their social media feed. Although social media isn’t my weakness, there are other areas of technology that have sucked me in and have left me attached to my computer or phone for hours. These kinds of habits can lead me to think that I need to get a life or that I have a problem.

What are the two things that really get me? Games and TV shows (although there are some movies that I watch so often that people would think it’s a show). And I don’t think of myself as a gamer, because most of the time I get bored playing in story modes…mostly because I’m bad lol. But the puzzle-like games are the ones I enjoy. To wind down from work, I usually find myself super determined to defeat all the difficulty levels in either Sudoku or Minesweeper. By the time I finish all of that, an hour could have easily passed by. But I can deal with the games. What I’m here to discuss today is a certain TV show.

As of right now, I can’t get enough of Law and Order: SVU. I simply had on the TV while I was doing my hair last weekend and came across an episode about a celebrity couple. It was pretty interesting. Then the next episode came on, and I found myself in the middle of a Law and Order: SVU marathon. The more I watched the show, the more I learned about the characters, and it enticed me to want to continue seeing how the characters developed. Thus I got hooked.

There’s nothing wrong with binge-watching right? Well, I sit at my desk trying to work, and I can hear the theme song playing in my head. I hear it right now actually (Just kidding that’s the X-Men theme song I’m hearing). In addition, I wait until late at night to watch the show so that I have no interruptions. BUT the problem is, it gets hard to stop watching, even though I have work the next day. Who gets hooked on Law and Order anyways? I now feel the need to give my sister a recap of what I watched the night before even though she doesn’t care.

I told myself that I’m only going to watch the episodes with Detective Amaro in it, otherwise the commitment would be too great. I’m really curious as to what ends up happening to his character given that IMDB reveals that he was only on the show for 95 episodes. However, I’m wondering if I should stop before I get in too deep…Chances are even if I stop this show, there will always be another trying to grab my attention. Anyone else feel like you have this problem when it comes to certain TV shows?

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