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Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber made a song years ago talking about a girl being an “eenie meenie miney mo lover”(kinda catchy btw). But you could say that song is about me with regards to shopping. That’s right, I’m an eenie meenie miney mo shopper! Because with so many options for online shopping, how can you tell what’s a steal or an actual waste of money? Anyone else having this problem?

Now that I have a job, shopping should be a more fun experience for me, but I can’t say that’s the case. Job or no job, I don’t like to waste money. And especially with online shopping, it is easy to become overwhelmed with all the reviews, and I’m left not knowing what to buy. Therefore, the purchase is postponed until I eventually figure out the best option, but there’s also the chance that I forget about the want that I had.

Perhaps my indecisiveness is a blessing. I’m keeping a lot more money in my pockets due to not doing a lot of in-store shopping. Because when I was at school and I would walk to the nearby CVS or DGX, I was guilty of a lot of impulse buys. Going into the store and seeing the product, I was a lot more willing to just give it a try. Maybe that nice packaging and the convenience of being able to have a product right then really got me, but I think the lack of product reviews right in front my face helped it be a more carefree experience.

When I am shopping on Amazon, it’s a different ballgame, and I have some huge trust issues. With all the low prices out there, there are bound to be some duds. Plus I am a cheapskate, so I can’t bring myself to making big dollar purchases when those could still have problems. So how do you sift through everything to find a product that will get the job done? Eenie meenie miney mo…well if it only were that simple. You do research comparing products and try to figure out what potential cons you could live with. I ended up with ten tabs open trying to figure out which micro usb charger wouldn’t end up burning a hole in my phone’s motherboard.

Shopping can really seem like a bit of a gamble at times. For some sites there is the question of if you will even receive your products. Now, I should have known this was too good to be true, but I really wanted to add some dorm dĂ©cor back when I was in school. So I paid for two $1 tapestries on eBay…They never came. Even if a product works well for one person, that doesn’t mean it’s going to work well for the next, so there’s all these people’s opinions are out there to tell you just how much they love or hate a product. You can try to look at the reviews and see what products have high stars, but I have had a company send me mail saying that if I left a good review they would send a gift. I didn’t, because I really didn’t feel like typing a review of a product that I didn’t even buy for myself, but I can only imagine how many people did.

So what’s the lesson to be learned here? Well, no product is perfect, and no product is the right fit for everyone. It can cause people like me to have a bit of anxiety when it comes to shopping, but there is always the option to shop at companies that you know offer high-quality products and customer service, but it can get pricey…plus I have Amazon gift cards. Because of Amazon’s convenience, I can’t say that I’ll stop shopping on there any time soon, so the next most important thing to doing research on the product is to look at the individual seller’s reviews and the return policy. I’m writing this as I’m still trying to convince myself that my most recent purchase won’t be in vain lol.

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