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My name is Tay. I am a recent college graduate, but you can call me a lifetime learner. I spend a lot of my free time watching tutorials, taking online courses, and trying to learn how to improve my digital content. However, I’m new to blogging, so cut me some slack.

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Tr3s Face is on a different level

You can call me by my new name, Tr3s Face! The “We Drink Hot Chocolate” skit by Robot Chicken was one of my favorite videos by them. It was completely random, and every time Harvey Dent got burned and had another dimension added to his face, I was dying laughing. However Tr3s Face references more than just a silly Robot Chicken sketch. It has to deal with the complexities of life, thought, and understanding one another.

I find it off-putting when someone doesn’t have a bad side to them. However, I also don’t trust individuals that are considered two-faced. Tr3s face references all those elements of a person that are unknown to others and sometimes to yourself. There are people who walk around this world as living contradictions. I am one of those people. How can I be someone that is bossy, but also afraid to voice my opinion? How can I be someone that annoys my family with my energy, yet can sit on the couch for hours binge-watching a show on Netflix?

There are many things I don’t know about myself but that I will learn from creative writing. For all the times I have kept my thoughts to myself, this is my time to release them. I hope you find enjoyment as I examine different life ponderings, fictions, and theories. Sometimes my stream of thoughts may sound so outlandish that you will think I’m on drugs. I assure you that I am not; one time my neuroscience friend even said she wanted to examine my brain if that gives you any insight. Join me in this journey of growth, and long live Tr3s Face Creations!