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how salty are you

You know, I can’t help myself. Here comes another SpongeBob reference, specifically from the episode “No Weenies Allowed”…Somehow you’ve made it out of Weenie Hut Junior, and you’re at the door of the Salty Spittoon. Instead of being greeted with the normal, “Welcome to the Salty Spitoon. How tough are you?” you get “Welcome to […]

human hibernation

Do you ever feel like as a species humans are getting screwed over? We have to work jobs, we have to pay taxes, and WE DON’T GET TO HIBERNATE! So many other animals get to snuggle up during the winter months with a nice pile of food, while we go out in the cold and […]

my vegetarian saga

As we get closer to Thanksgiving, it always makes me think about the short-lived time that I was a vegetarian. It was a span of time that lasted about two months during my sophomore year of college, and it culminated right around Thanksgiving. Having no game plan as to how I could make Thanksgiving work […]