The best part about fiction is that anything is possible. Events can be inspired by life events, but the details of a story are only limited by your imagination. I believe it is important to challenge your creative nature, so watch out things might get a bit bizarre.

feel the grass under your toes

Sooner or later, you’ll realize that I have an obsession with dinosaurs. Recently I was conducting research on Mesozoic Era and found out that grass didn’t exist in the world until around 70 million years ago. That is something that is pretty wild.

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new friend suggestion

Every couple of days or so, I get a notification from the Facebook app suggesting that I try to branch out of my bubble and make more friends. If I know the person or have even waved to them a few times, there is a high chance that I will send a friend request, but […]

here comes the sun

The sky was cloudless. The sun was beaming. And as I looked around, all the people were screaming. Earth had fallen out of orbit, and I could tell we were done. Then one shameless guy belted out, “Here comes the sun!”

it was only just a dream

Do you ever have those dreams that seems so real that when you wake up it feels like there is something missing from your life? Maybe in the dream you bought a burger, so when you wake up you’re disappointed when that burger is not there. Then there is the opposite effect, whereas you are […]