filter free

Life is full of so many passing thoughts, so it’s important to grab on to some of them for the sake of self discovery and personal growth. A lot of the topics I discuss are benign and rather silly, but to examine ideas without the fear of expectations is a freeing experience. If you want to know what I think about on a daily basis, this is a filter free place to look.

i belong in weenie hut junior’s

I often hear people say that you’re never too old to be afraid. But what they are really saying is you’re never too old to be afraid of things that actually matter. As an adult, you have to be prepared to walk into the Salty Spittoons of the world eating a bowl of nails. If you cry from stubbing your toe you are surely a weenie.

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eenie meenie miney mo shopper

Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber made a song years ago talking about a girl being an “eenie meenie miney mo lover”(kinda catchy btw). But you could say that song is about me with regards to shopping. That’s right, I’m an eenie meenie miney mo shopper! Because with so many options for online shopping, how can […]

i have a problem

There is no doubt that our technology provides wonderful opportunities, but it should be used in moderation. I’ve heard some people say that young folks are addicted to their phones. Usually when they say this, though, they are referring to people who spend hours on end scrolling through their social media feed. Although social media […]

racing thoughts

When I saw Inside Out some years ago, I really enjoyed it. It was fun thinking about these personified emotions that have control over how you react to different situations. The truth is, I can’t even verbalize how I’m feeling half the time. My mom will ask me what’s wrong, and I’ll reply, “I don’t […]

waiting for inspiration

I believe one of the tough things about doing creative work is that at a certain point there is an expectation that content will always be produced. It’s easy to do at the start, even if you don’t have a big following because something sparked your interest and got you inspired. But what do you […]

where’s your Christmas spirit?

Have you found yourself a little less excited for Christmas this year? Usually people find it stressful doing their last minute shopping, but that might not even be your focus this year with the pandemic. There was a scene in Jingle All the Way where store workers were making fun of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character for […]

last minute

In this world, there are people that are masters at planning everything to the T. Then there are people that try to be planners, but no matter what, they don’t accomplish what they are trying to complete until the last minute. That is how you end up with people shopping for Christmas gifts the last […]

celebrate good times

Can you hear the song playing in your head? You probably hear “Celebration” for every special occasion lol. Well today is the day! My 50th post on Tr3s Face. Every single view, like, comment, and follow means a lot, so THANK YOU SO MUCH! Rather than writing new content for today, let’s take a stroll […]

bad at math

I’m not going to lie, these past few days I have been putting off posting because I wasn’t sure what to do for my 50th post on Tr3s Face. It’s such a special landmark, and I wanted to create the right post to bust out the cake and sparkling cider. However it turns out that […]

finishing a tv show

We spend so much time invested in watching our TV shows, and when we finish a show, there is a void left. It could be a show that ended twenty years ago that you just decided to binge watch, or it could be a show that you have been following consistently for the past six […]

it’s been a minute

Chances are that you are not that person that makes an effort to chat with all 1,000 of your Facebook friends on a weekly basis (Some of them you probably haven’t even said a word to since accepting that friend request). It’s easy to fall out of touch with all of the individuals we have […]

a lucky day

SEE BOTTOM FOR UPDATE. Today is November 11th. Just so you all can see the significance of that, I’ll write it a different way. 11/11. See that? All those extra ones are bound to give you some good luck today. Granted the luck won’t be operating at full capacity like back in 2011, but if […]

just breathe

I think people have been holding their breath for the past few days waiting to see the results of the U.S. election. Now that a winner has been declared, there are emotions surging on both sides, but it is important to remember to breathe. “Squilliam Returns” is a funny episode of SpongeBob because all SpongeBob […]